All The Best Would You Rather Questions

Start off your meetings with all the best Would You Rather questions in one place - an easy to use, free app!

It's completely free!

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Easy to use

Host a game and get started within seconds. Works on both desktop and mobile

No sign up to play

Share the game link to your colleagues and they can play without sign up.

Ad free

We don't believe in displaying advertisements

Play with up to 100 people

Increase engagement in your online classes, meetings and seminars with up to 100 players able to play simultaneously

Online seminars or conferences
Classes and education
Increase engagement and participation

A theme for every occasion

Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you'll find the perfect Would You Rather questions for a great time

Holiday themed games
Tight knit friendships
In-depth discussions


Do I need to sign up to play?

Our games do not need sign up to play. This means you can send the link to anyone in your class or team and they can join right away. In order to host, you will need an account.

Do I need to download anything from the App store?

No! Our games work perfectly on any web browser, whether it's on mobile or desktop.

Is it really free?

Our games are free to enjoy and we are completely ad free. We have some premium features coming soon to those who love our games.